Long Island Computer Pros · The Computer IT Professionals of Long Island New York


Long Island Computer Pros · The Computer IT Professionals of Long Island New York


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Long Island Computer Pros' IT solutions services include computer repair upgrade, spy ware virus removal protection, network planning implementation administration management repair, security planning implementation management, audio streaming, video streaming, live streaming, archive on demand, data backup, data recovery, data transfer, data storage.


Many internet security applications, while somewhat helpful, often times can cause adverse effects on your system. Quite often they will actually prevent you from doing normal everyday activities. Black Ice defender, and Norton Internet Security are amongst the most common internet security applications. If you have just recently installed one of these applications, and can no longer browse the internet, check your email, or connect to a chat/instant messenger service, the internet security application is most likely the cause. While these applications can be set up to allow the applications you use, it can be a tedious task. Additionally, most internet security applications will ask you every time a program running on your system requests access to the internet. This can be very annoying to most users. Sometimes, internet security applications will prevent components of windows, such as Windows update, or the windows clock synchronization service, from connecting to the internet. We recommend against using one of these applications. Any computer system running Microsoft Windows can be secured without the need for additional software. Contact one of our security specialists for assistance.


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Computer Repair · Upgrade
Computer [PC Laptop Desktop Notebook Mac Windows] Repair · Upgrade


Network Planning · Implementation · Management · Repair
Network Planning · Implementation · Management · Administration · Repair · Support


Security Planning · Implementation · Management
Security Planning · Implementation · Administration · Management · Support


Data Backup · Data Recovery · Data Transfer
Data Backup
· Data Recovery · Data Transfer


Spyware · Virus Removal/Protection
Spyware · Virus · Adware Removal and Protection


Audio · Video Editing Coding Streaming Live Archive On Demand
Audio and Video Editing, Recording, Live Streaming, Archive On Demand Streaming, Podcasting


Web Hosting · Colocation by Long Island Computer Pros
Web Hosting · Colocation · Domain Name Registration




Long Island Computer Pros · The Computer IT Professionals of Long Island New York

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