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Long Island Computer Pros Network Security Planning Implementation Management Administration Repair Support

Security Planning · Implementation · Administration · Management · Support
Our technicians are ready to secure your network from outside invasion. We currently provide onsite and offsite security solutions for your home of business. Our skilled Long Island network security consultants are experts at Designing, troubleshooting and repairing secure networks in Long Island, New York.


Computer and network security resources dash; cryptography fundamentals, TCP/IP and NAT, information security, privacy and data integrity tools, how to meet government and industry requirements and regulations, user authentication, operating system auditing and hardening, network security, malware and social engineering and reference material.


Protection and performance against worms, viruses, Trojans, DDoS attacks, Microsoft vulnerabilities and more. Regulatory compliance through protection of confidential data. Business continuity through network and application availability. Cost savings and reliability through VoIP security.


Professionals providing services in computer network security, investigations and intelligence and technical security countermeasures.


Wireless Security
Network security is essential in any environment. When any piece of wireless networking equipment is installed and operated with the default settings (Out of the box), the network is completely open. The equipment comes set up this way to make it easier for most people to set up and operate. This is good for ease of use, however it can be detrimental to the security of your network and all the computers connected to it.


Knowing that a substantial amount of open and unsecure wireless networks exist, anyone from a cyber criminal, to a merely curious individual can have access to your network. These can be either local individuals, or non-local through what is known as wardriving. Wardriving is a term describing a practice in which a group of individuals drive around in both residential and commercial areas with a laptop searching for unsecure wireless networks. Often times they have much success. Now once an individual has access to your wireless network, what can they accomplish? Here is a list of just a few of the most common ways that people take advantage of an open wireless network:


· Internet Access Use
Individuals can utilize your internet connection for the purposes of committing fraud, or other illegal activities. This allows the individual to commit a crime without being traced. The authorities would trace the origin of the crime to your location. This can result in legal investigation.


· Access Any Network Shared Resources
Any resources that are available on your network would be accessible to any individual that has connected to your wireless network. Even password protected shared files are vulnerable. Printers and other hardware, such as your router or access point can also be accessed and modified without your knowledge.


· Run Exploits
On a weekly basis, new bugs, glitches, and security holes are found in the most common versions of Microsoft Windows. Most often, these security flaws are found by malicious individuals, and exploited before Microsoft is aware of them. By exploiting these security flaws, individuals can gain full access to your system for whatever purposes they choose. Often times, malicious users exploit these security flaws to either access your personal information, or places viruses or worms on your system. Many spammers use these exploits to install specialized worms that send hundreds of emails to random recipients from your location. This can sometimes result in your internet account being shut down, as well as possible legal investigation.


· See Network Traffic
Individuals with access to your wireless connection in close proximity would have the ability to monitor any network traffic flowing to, or from your wireless access point or router. This means that they are able to view email messages, Instant message conversations, trace web sites that are visited, and also intercept credit card information from online purchases.
Our certified network security specialists can lock down your wireless network so that you will be protected from potential attackers. To speak to a network security specialist, contact us.

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